Coast & Cove Studs

  • $14.95

Handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
These dainty stud earrings are handmade from lightweight polymer clay components with a glossy UV Resin finish, stainless steel posts and rubber backs - great for sensitive ears!

Approximate size: 12mm

Please remember each piece is crafted by hand, and will vary from what you see pictured. When clay is cured, small air bubbles and imperfections can occur – which only adds to the beauty and handmade charm! Each pair of earrings is truly unique and perfectly imperfect!

⋒ CARE ⋒
All earrings should be stored carefully to prevent scratching, and should not be worn while swimming, in the shower, while applying perfume or hairspray, or when working with household cleaners and chemicals.
Polymer Clay pieces should be handled with care and not be bent or dropped. Makeup or other dirt can be removed by gently cleaning with a little bit of rubbing alcohol or makeup remover.
UV Resin coated pieces should be cleaned only with water; use a damp cloth to prevent dulling of the finish.