“I Am What I Choose To Be”

  • $13.00

I AM What I Choose To Be is a children’s book with a powerful message. In this book, the joyful I Am affirmations become an invitation to positivity. 

Purposely filling children up with positive self-belief and focused attention on the good within all of us.


Our book is a grassroots project locally sourced whenever possible. The first edition of the book was produced through a local Nova Scotia company. It is created using a brand new soft-touch cover in paperback, that feels luxurious and looks amazing, but it can be hard to lay flat once opened.  It is as if the book opens itself up to be read!  This book has a life of its own and we trust the process and are embracing it fully, beautiful flaws and all. We suggest keeping it on a bookshelf to help keep its shape for years to come. The profits made from these current sales will fund our next edition of books that will be hardcover.