London Pottery Orange Teapot

London Pottery Orange Teapot

  • $29.99

Treat yourself to a soothing cup of tea served with a side of traditional style using this classic Farmhouse teapot by London Pottery Company. An excellent example of high-quality UK design, this teapot will have you pouring flawless brews every teatime. It has a removable filter to hold loose tea leaves and floral infusions as they steep, without letting any debris get into your cup. Designed by David Birch, an excellent ceramist and director of London Pottery Company, you can be assured of this teapot's high quality. it's made of durable stoneware in a vibrant orange colour, with an elongated spout that's been shaped to prevent any drips or leaks.

Features & Benefits

Food Safe

Dishwasher safe

Removable filter

2 Cups