Squishmallows Flip A Mallow Danny/Damian

Squishmallows Flip A Mallow Danny/Damian

  • $49.95

Squishmallows are cute, cuddly, and ready to join your squad. Made with super soft, marshmallow-like material, Squishmallows offer comfort, support, and warmth as friends, couch companions, pillow pals, bedtime buddies and travel teammates.

This Flip-A-Mallow collection is a fun two-for-one! What's better than a Squishmallow? How about two? Discover Flip-A-Mallows, the new 2-in-1 12" Squishmallows to add to your team. Now you don't have to pick your favourite character... you can have them both! To hang out with your second new friend, simply flip the 'Mallow inside out.


  • Super soft marshmallow texture made from polyester fabric.
  • Item measures 12 inches 
  • Can be washed and tumble dried
  • Perfect for travel
  • Great gifts for any age!