The Cat Butt Colouring & Activity Book

The Cat Butt Colouring & Activity Book

  • $17.95

Cat Butt Coloring and Activity Book is packed with 45 scenes to color in and 20 hilarious activities, all featuring felines and their behinds proudly on display.

With hilarious (and cute!) line drawings of cats with their hindquarters proudly on display, this adult coloring and activity book full of cat butts is as clever and carefree as its featured felines.

Color in lasers shooting from an intergalactic cat butt, or a chill skater cat that isn't ashamed to hold his tail a little too high. Filled with hours of entertainment, this is a cat butt bonanza every cat lover can get behind.

• Filled with word searches, crosswords, and word scrambles-even pin the tail on the cat butt
• Packed with funny yet bizarrely cute line drawings
• The perfect way to pay homage to our furry friends' backsides

Anyone who is a cat lover-and all too familiar with a feline's tendency to show off its tush-will love this humorous book.

Cat Butt Coloring and Activity Book is an updated and expanded edition, including 45 drawings and 20 activities with more detailed artwork and, of course, more cat butts.

• Scribble away your stress and unleash all the colors of your creativity.
• Perfect as a gift for cat lovers who have an irreverent sense of humor